Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration

RMSA assists, advises and represents clients from the main sectors of the economy in matters of mediation and arbitrations. Believing in the multiple advantages provided by these conflict resolution mechanisms, which are more agile, predictable and cheaper than judicial litigation, our team encourages adopting Mediation and Arbitration since the drafting of contracts with the correct wording of clauses predicting the use of such instruments.


Our team is highly experienced to act in procedures of conflict mediation and conciliation, in the areas of succession, commercial or corporate. Through the use of accurate techniques, it is possible to map risks and opportunities, propose the most adequate business strategy to each case, reestablish effective communication between the parties, in order to make possible the creation of an advantageous contract for both parties, as an alternative to litigation.


Our arbitration team has an excellent track record acting in arbitration proceedings, involving commercial and corporate disputes, as patrons in our client’s claims.

In international cases, we prepare opinions and affidavits clarifying questions of Brazilian Laws and of other countries applicable to the controversy.

The services offered by the department of M&A are:

Acting in procedures of conflict and conciliation mediation

Advice in international and national arbitration during all stages and any eventual related legal proceeding

Preparation of preparatory and precautionary measures, executions of judgment and even actions for the annulment of arbitrations condemnations, in case of legal procedures regarding arbitration

Preparation and review of mediation and commitment clauses