Corporate Law

Corporate Law

The Corporate Law department provides legal advice, which comprehends all corporate types. With experience in corporate governance, besides the advisory role, the Corporate department team also has experience in legal and corporate arbitration disputes.

We offer efficient solutions for formalization and business corporate management.

Company constitution, consortium and Joint Ventures

Mergers, divisions, transformations and incorporations

Memorandum of Understanding and Intent Protocol

Investment and Commercial contracts

Formulation of statutes and articles of incorporation

Negotiations of agreements between shareholders and partners

Presence and participation in general assemblies and partner meetings

Implementation of administration advise

Counseling in corporate conflict scenarios

Implementation of administration advise

Professionalization of family business

Management of Corporate acts

Regularity of obligations of register and publication of social acts

Performance towards Brazilian government agencies

Business - Structuring and Reorganizing

Business structuring and reorganizing is the result of a thorough analysis of the company and its related assets, in order to eliminate organizational and corporate weaknesses, generating tax savings and maximizing commercial performance. In addition to the corporate scope, the structuring reaches contracts, organizational structure, including its administration, with the drafting of documents which become the basis of that relationships, such as: incorporation documents, transformations of partnership, shareholders agreements, codes of conduct, agreements for the exercise of management positions,stock options contracts, among others.

Some of the work developed by our team are:

Structuring and establishment of corporate reorganization

Companies incorporations, extinction, or transformation

Formation of Holding Companies

Organization of shareholdings and asset allocation

Operational activities planning focusing on tax savings

Revision of controls and intern contracts

Execution ofDue Diligence


The Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)department has as its final objective the improvement of an Economic Group, in order to generate synergy gains and decrease transactions costs, based on the premise of a composition more suitable to the client’s economic activity.

In consequence of the global economic growth, the M&A operations have been shown to be increasingly complex and sophisticated. Demanding not only excellence in formations, but also dedication and coordination of the professionals involved in the area. RMSA team seeks to assure its clients, regardless of their position as investors, buyers or sellers, an extremely qualified consultancy, serving each economic sector with its particularities.

The main services provided by the M&A team are:

Execution of Due Diligence

Planning, negotiating, structuring and implementing transactions of purchase and sale of shares or assets

Tax planning on M&A operations

Formation of associations, Joint Ventures or strategic alliances.