Agreements and Negotiation

Agreements and Negotiation

In view of increasingly creative business relationships, RMSA has a sector in charge of the elaboration of contracts, whether traditional, affiliated contracts or complex contract networks, RMSA team works in order to always preserve the client’s interests.

Based on the client’s business model, our team presents the most current contractual tools for business structuring, always aiming for preventing conflicts and establishing mechanisms for expeditious resolution, or, in case of breach of contract and judicialization, keeping the client’s situation strategically favorable.

The RMSA negotiations team is trained to strategically guide the client in crisis scenarios or in the formation of complex businesses, using advanced negotiation and conflict resolution techniques.

The main activities developed by the department of Contracts and Negotiations are:

Prior orientation, analysis and contract drafting

Negotiation of agreements

Opinion consultation with preventive acting

Contracts auditing
Management, controls and contractual flows

Preparation of claims for economic and financial rebalance or contractual extension

Mediation and arbitration clauses drafting

Defense against the applications of contractual or administrative penalties.